The Beginning Scenario

Step 1: Create an account at : Register
Step 2: Start the game you will be automatically ported into the Fresh Blood arena
The Reward System

Every 10 levels that you reach after 40 you recieve Special gifts from the discord queen!
The Fishing System

The Discord basement went through a disaster during the pass of the Doggebi Lord And Now it has an open Fishing River , We decided to Make a use out of it by allowing you to fish gifts
Instant Support System

Contact us through Facebook Page , you can also contact us ingame FLs , or userpanel ticket system or visit TheHyperNetwork

Download/Update the newest patch to be able to login

Discord Online Official Video

Battle of the Bastards – System

How does it work?

Basically, Battle of the Bastards is an assassin fighting game in which you earn points by killing assassins.

You must visit our user panel to obtain coins that can be exchanged for useful in-game items.

The Discord Crafting System

The Crafting System allows you to collect Crafting Coins, which you will need in order to purchase useful in-game items (we have remained as unique and fair as we have always been).

Training Scenario

The Discord world is, and has always been unique, not because it is run by long-term teammates,

but because we’ve always worked to make the game about more than just leveling.

Newbie Section – helps you train up to a 55+ level.

Competent Section – helps you train up to a 75+ level.

Solo Section – This section was created for people who prefer soloing, or those who do not have friends in the game.

Party Area Section – We did not forget about those who are into party areas, of course!

New Battlefield Map – The war of the Savior

The Queen of KalOnline ordered that two teams of 100 fighters (200 fighters in total) should be formed, and that the two teams should fight each other with fairness.
The winning team shall receive The Queen’s Honor Points.

Highgarden – The Main City

Taking Geum-Ohee Castle in a short time, Discord Online showed another suspicious movement.
By the advance toward Forest of Statues from Geum-Ohee Castle, the reason that he attacked Geum-Ohee Castle was turned out clearly.
On the other hand, it was also turned out that he had tried to get a supernatural power of Doggebi by taking Forest of Statures which is one of Doggebies’ secred places.
After all, these all were the Discord’s plot not only to take his revenge but also to bring to the end of the world with full of demons.